About Us


We believe in baking a product that is high in quality and that doesn't require all kinds of unnecessary ingredients in order to achieve fake flavors or appearances, or to meet unrealistic cost targets.

With years of combined backgrounds specializing in food labeling (FDA), regulatory food science, ingredient specifications and finished product formula approval, new product commercialization, supply chain and restaurant operations management, and loads of "try-and-learn" experience, we are sensitively aware of all the questionable processes, and unpronounceable ingredients unfortunately being used in so many food products today.

We know what is and isn't necessary, what products are used as cheap fillers, flavors and substitutes - it's a wild world out there.  We take great care in avoiding these wherever possible; always doing and using what's right, not just for ourselves and our family, but for you as well!


Details Do Make a Difference

There are reasons shows like "Nailed It" exist... and while it's a trainwreck we love to watch, we cringe when certain steps in baking are skipped over or violated (okay, we scream loudly at the TV - ha!). Quality, precise measurements and fresh ingredients, along with following steps and timing throughout the process are essentially important, as each of these perform an intended function - and it absolutely shows in the end product.

We refuse to cut corners, and have a major (geek-level) respect for the science behind baking and food preparations and processes. By honoring and taking our time in each step of the process, we are ensuring that you always get not only the best-looking, but also the best-tasting product every time!